A Visit to Pantabangan Dam

Can you believe I first visited Pantabangan as a kid! All I remember was seeing a wide body of water and we rode a motorized boat. I was so scared yet I remember seeing and touching the clean water.

After so many years, I got back. Thanks that infrastructure made the drive fast and smooth. Although there were road construction particularly the road going to the dam itself. It’s a 10-minute dusty drive – yet seeing this view from the window…

Pantabangan reservoir
Worth it!

It’s like you’re transported to another place. The place was very serene, almost postcard-perfect. I can forget the almost barren hills down the national road – must be because it’s the dry season. Yet, the trees surrounding the protected areas of the dam – it’s green everywhere!

Pantabangan Lake

As we approached the gated area (security personnel will ask for your identity and perhaps record the vehicles coming into the reservoir) we are in awe. Entrance is free, by the way.

Pantabangan lake view

Traffic is “rare”. Visitors could even take a “jumpshot” op in the middle of the road! We stopped by this view deck and marvel at the stillness of the lake…

views of Pantabangan

Hmmm, is it only me?

travel to Pantabangan

Don’t go over the fences – CCTV’s looking at you :)

Pantabangan best view

Guard at the main gate says eating at the park is not allowed. But, the guard on the view deck says we could as long as we keep our trash. Great!

One major problem was, there’s really no picnic area in this sprawling ground. We found a wooden table beside a tree and good thing I brought a mat.

places to go in pantabangan

One lovely thing we noticed from the shaded trees we rested were the abundance of wild birds roaming around. Something that we haven’t seen from our place. We even spotted a very colorful bird along the road.

best view of pantabangan

At this moment, let these lake photos speak for its beauty…

DSC_2276 Pantabangan Dam Pantabangan Nueva Ecija

This reservoir is part of the Pantabangan Dam that provides irrigation for the vast ricefield of many towns of Central Luzon. The dam also generates hydroelectric power. This man-made lake was very historic because there was a part of the spillway where an old town of Pantabangan was submerged. Townsfolk were relocated just so this reservoir was made possible.

I remember it was beautiful and scenic when I visited as a kid. It was unto this day. Water is clean and place is quiet and clean too.

Sunday picnicking with the family is well-spent!

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  1. rany says:

    Postcard-perfect! You just made most of global Novo Ecijanos, specially those who hailed from the eastern part: teary-eyed with these lovely pictures.

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