Awful Lot of Mangoes in the Backyard

They’re off to market now…

Indian mangoes

Glad that even 4 of our 7 (?) mango trees were uprooted by the typhoon October last year, those that survived were able to bear fruits. And, I mean -there too many mangoes! While we were lucky to sell few baskets to the local market, there were still many left – we don’t know what to do with the awful lot.

The youngest daughter during their school break even managed to sell these mangoes around the neighborhood – with matching shrimp paste! Oh! Yes. The kid had fun selling mangoes and she was delighted counting her total sales which she had dropped to her coin bank.

The other fun side to having these many mangoes? We got free fresh mango juice – which not only is fresh and one heck of a healthy drink – IT’S ALL NATURAL JUICE.

Check how to make fresh tasting homemade mango juice.

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