Gardens And Flowers Of Bell Church

Aside from the tranquility of what the Bell Church in Baguio City offers, it’s a total feast in the eyes as you marvel through the beautifully landscape gardens.

Forgive my ignorance on flower names. I lack the initiative in Googling about flower names, I pride myself merely gazing at their beauty. Forgive.

So, this to me looks like an orchid. As I am sure it’s not. Neither it is a trumpet vine.

Flowers of Baguio City

Whatever they may be, they surely captivate visitors as they enter a huge steel trellis full of these flower vines. Lovelies. Indeed.

Flowers at BaguioWhat more can be prettier than these two?Their colors complementing each other as they gyrate and radiate through the sun’s blaring heat.

Flowers of Baguio City 2

Blue tips crowning these little pinks looks like matchsticks stuck together. I wonder what will become of you when you blossom all together.

Flower at Baguio

Pinks are such soft colors they nearly pale catching the sun’s rays. Yet, marvelously, they shone brighter and brighter. Lovely pinks.

Baguio City flowersWhite lotus emerges majestically casting a perfect shade against the greenest floating leaves.

Flowers Baguio City

Visiting Bell Church is a therapy. It uplifts your spirit and wakes your souls as you are enveloped by the serenity of the place.

Here’s how to get to Bell Church Baguio City.

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  1. rany says:

    nice pics, you’ve got an eye for good subjects.

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