Basketball Kicks Off

Basketball League kicks off today in our community. Nice sunny weather…

It’s good to come out in the neighborhood once in a while. Seeing familiar and not so unfamiliar faces. Seeing that things were the way they used to be. Oh! Yes. There were quite few changes here and there.

It was awesome seeing vibrant activities in this small community. Love the colors all around: the greens come alive under the bright sun rays. This tree (Ate Cora’s mango tree) with its yellow-orange-pink all-ripe-mangoes are a marvelous sight.

DSC_0160If not for the teen son (3rd from left) ¬†and my nephew (1st on the right) who were both playing in the league, we’re better off locked inside the house. But, here we are for support and rooting for their team. Pictured below together with their pretty muse, posing in front of my brother’s sari-sari store…

DSC_0149Despite the scorching summer heat and waiting impatiently for 2 long hours, there came the loud siren…

DSC_0161For some reason, there were only few teams who joined the parade.

DSC_0162 DSC_0172Affectionate smile coming from my “inaanak“…


Another inaanak. So sweet of him to tag along his son…



More pics from the son’s team. Please allow a little bit of prejudice here, but, their team has the highest number of parade participant and they’re all wearing their jerseys. Great color choice by the way -royal blue. Team Magilas. Hmmm. Let’s see how will they fared up in court. :)


DSC_0173Cousins…These two dig deep their throat into basketball. We’re proud! That even if our pockets got broke for shoe shopping (Hello there -Nike KD Hulk and Adidas DRose) – we have one fervent wish: For them to be given playing time on-court. Sayang yung sapatos :)



To all the players and their teams, just enjoy this summer game. Let the spirit of sportsmanship dwells in y’all!

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2 Responses to Basketball Kicks Off

  1. josephine says:

    Nice one ate riz. Lots of unfamiliar faces except tata utets face on da background.

  2. Cute ng muse ng team ng anak mo ate hehehe. Basketball is a great exercise for teens!

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