Off to Vigan City

Part 2. Ilocos Sur tour.

From Bangui shoreline, we hopped in to more key places in Ilocos Norte -Laoag City, Paoay, and Batac -where we get to visit the Marcos Museum and his burial site, and also the Malakanyang of the North, and yes, the many historical churches preserved in those areas. I have to have separate posts about those because, really, Ilocos Province is one vast place that includes many points of interest.

So, off we drove back to Ilocos Sur and before the day is over, we get to its popular place, Vigan. Vigan City is where the Ilocos Sur’s Capitol Office sits. Our bus stopped just beside this provincial office…New modern building…

What to do in Vigan? Do as the what the tourists do in Vigan. Ride a kalesa! For 150 pesos (150PHP for 2 mommies and 2 kids- isn’t that cheap?) you’ll save your aching feet wandering off to a World heritage Site.

It’s a great ride. You’ll definitely enjoy sightseeing riding the kalesa

Entering the popular Calle Crisologo

where, you felt like you’re being transported back in time…

ย …traversing the cobblestone streets…

an array of shops keep the streets abuzz with residents and tourists…

more antique pieces here…and there…

Bright and colorful native bags and other hand crafts abound. Bags were priced starting at 350 pesos each

Look at these native pendant lamps (650 pesos). Aren’t they lovely? Geez! Now, I regretted I haven’t purchased one.

Vigan Heritage Site is really a haven for shoppers and food spotters, as well. Since, shopping isn’t in my psyche that day (Oh!I bought a native table liner and 6-piece place mats^_^), I enjoyed myself sitting in one of native seats just outside some shops. I did enjoyed myself looking at the rows of houses while waiting for my companions who were busy shopping :)

After the shopping escapade, off we got back to our kalesa (Yes, they will happily wait for you. That’s how courteous and kind kalesa owners are.) -and spent more time sightseeing. This row of old houses is truly enticing.

Its rich and unique colonial architecture is very evident even in its old state.

However, because there are other buildings which are too old to occupy, there are newer buildings constructed in the area, too. The construction and designs mimic that of the old ones.

After an hour and a half of roaming around the heritage site, our kalesa brought us to Plaza Burgos where popular fastfood chains envelop the area. ย The kids, as usual, prefer to dine in at Jollibee. Afterwards, we get to roam around the Plaza hunting for the popular Empanadahan. This one – I super like. Post later^_^

Thank you, mamang drayber for a very bumpy but exciting ride to the site. And, thank you for acting as our tour guide, proudly pointing to us the name of this and that building -in their Ilocano dialect.

Vigan. Vigan. There’s so much to see. There’s so much to do. So little time. Hope to see you sometime again. “Ag subli ak” (Ilocano sentence translated as “I shall return”.)

If you are searching for a family destination this summer, try to include Ilocos in your searches. It’s definitely a one-stop-adventure for the whole family. Beautiful shoreline and beaches (Pagudpud in Norte), historical churches, panoramic views of rural life, sightseeing, parks and zoo at Baluarte, and more.

Part 1 is our Ilocos Norte (Bangui Windfarm Tour)

Check out Ilocos’s popular food : Batac Empanada

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21 Responses to Off to Vigan City

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  2. Those old historic architectural buildings, if taken care of, will lasts for generations and generations. I hope that it would still exist for a long time.

  3. Vigan is one of the places that i love to visit soon, it is just simply beautiful + i can imagine myself ambling down the cobblestone streets! need to save up so that i can make that dream a reality! :)

  4. Those city are worth to visit. I love the architectural buildings and one we could be proud of that people are taken care.

  5. jheylo says:

    Wow! the place looks very old and historic. I’m sure there’s a lot of filming going on in this place for old movies.

  6. Tess says:

    I have been to a lot of places abroad but not much in our own country. Theses are some of the best tourist spots we have in the Pihlippines.

  7. betchai says:

    your beautiful pictures brought me back in time, so so love to get a calesa ride too, i don’t think i have ever been in one, i am sure i would love it, and i can enjoy taking pictures from the calesa too.

  8. Makoy says:

    Ilocos Sur is really pretty. I really like the feel and look of the old structures. Would be nice to take some quality photos.

  9. Lainy says:

    Vigan is one of the places in the north that I’d like to go and visit in the near future. Meanwhile, I’ll just have to content myself marvelling at their heavenly delicacies courtesy of a blogpal that has got a business selling off the famed Vigan longganisa, etc.

    The Calesa ride you’ve had reminded me of my own experience but the place surrounding that ride wasn’t as good as you’ve had, Te Riz kaya hanggang inggit mode nalang ang Lola mo dito sa tabi-tabi. Hahaha!

    Thank you for transporting me back in time through this online tour that’s totally FREE of charge. Oh, dibah?

    Love and hugs from me to you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Joy H says:

    Oh is this the place where Jose Rizal lives, if I’m not mistaken. Oh the place is awesome! I wanted to explore this city too! It’s very classy and historical. A good place to reminisce…

  11. claire says:

    Vigan is one of the place I wanted to visit and I just hope to find time to do it.

  12. chrisair says:

    I was amaze with your shot it looks professional, and I wished I can go to Vigan too

  13. Rovie says:

    Vigan is really a beautiful place and I really do hope to visit the place with my family someday.

    Beautiful photos of the place :)

  14. Gven-Rose says:

    the bags are fabolous.. I hope i can visit the place in the future as i want to ride a kalesa and stroll around

  15. You had a great tour specially in the historic place like Vigan. Thanks for sharing all your photos, as if I also went on that place. I hope I can visit the Vigan in the near future. I heard so many good things about the place.

  16. Anna says:

    I miss Vigan. The stone pavements. The bagnet. The Baluarte. The heritage.

  17. Cheerful says:

    yay, makes me want to go back there. i enjoyed it too when we visited there although its a sort of work trip, still was able to explored this area by foot. :) i wish i could bring my family there, one day…

  18. I’m really begging my husband to bring me here. I really want to visit Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpod since most of our clients often hire our buses to go here.

  19. kim says:

    wahhhh! i am so GREEN WITH ENVY. it has always been my dream to go to Vigan, walk along the cobblestone streets and see the Spanish houses. someday… just SOMEDAY.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. emzkie says:

    wow i never been to Vigan. i hope to visit this historical place one day with my family. great photos by the way

  21. Deli says:

    Wow!! Vigan is on my dream list of sites to visit in the country :) Hope I will get my chance soon :)

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