Tubbataha Wonders and Issues

So, what now? With heat manifesting early on, I guess, summer’s about to come. It’s February. We are supposed to be experiencing a pretty cold weather coming from China and the Siberian peninsula. Yet, heat’s been looming in and around since two weeks back. Is summer cutting short the cold season?

Would that mean, travelers, tourists (local or foreign) are up again scouring for the best summer packages? What tops on the list of where to this summer?

If you’re hoping to get into water adventures here in the Philippines, lists are as many and perhaps, the reason why tourism is making a big outcome in this country is because of our waters, the beaches. They’re the best in the world!

What now Tubbataha?

One thing I regret though, one among, if not, the top tourist site here in our country, the Tubbataha Reef may not or at least two diving sites are off limits to divers be operational as it was, or so I heard. I regret this thing had been happening at a time when the peak season for the volume of tourist are coming.

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Tubbataha Reef Parks in Palawan, has been heralded as a World UNESCO Heritage Site, is considered one of the best diving site in the world. Tourists flock to the island to get a glimpse of the pristine waters, the sandy white beaches, and the coral reefs which is home to thousand marine species. 

The reason why the government tap its best efforts to protect the islands, with patrol teams guarding the place 24/7. I commend the government for doing this. In the effort to shoo away people or water vessels who may have abuse the place and endangered the marine ecosystem down there.

The Issue.

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So, what was the US Navy ship doing in that area? I see that they’re in knowledge of our laws on territorial waters. Was it really an accident? Must be. Water current, weather, whatever the reasons are, their ship has ran aground at a protected area. And, local people can’t tolerate that. Much less, politicians who are again, riding in the issue.

With the US government promising to extract all efforts in cleaning up the mess and to pay damages in monetary compensation and promised to aid up, as always is, as they say, in rehabilitating many a marine projects here. Are we easy to swallow this? Pay for the damages. And more damages in the future?

I don’t want to invoke the ire of others. But, in my opinion, to prevent for this incident to ever occur again, our government must imposed stringent measures to those vessels entering our territorial waters.

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11 Responses to Tubbataha Wonders and Issues

  1. Makoy says:

    The problem maybe with our coast guard. The area should be well guarded against pirates and illegal vessels. The US of all nations should know how to follow territorial boundaries and abide to it.

  2. Gven-Rose says:

    I hope this will not happen again, as for what the US vessel doing in a protected area, only them can answer that question, that is if they will be honest and answer the real reason why they are there..

  3. Uh-oh, I wonder what was the US Navy ship doing in there?

  4. Liza Barnett says:

    Don’t we all need to protect what belongs to us, same as in any countries, they have coast guards everywhere to avoid other people entering the place illegally. But of course, there are sleek people who can get in even with the highest security.

  5. What’s odd is that, the ship’s radar didn’t detect that it’s about to hit a reef. Ridiculous!

  6. Joy H says:

    Even though coast guard are doing their jobs, still it is hard to tell if foreign vessels are on the country because ocean were ginormous and it’s just impossible to caught one unless they use an aerial satellite camera to investigate every point of the ocean. I think it all matters to those who trespassed the territorial boundaries because they know what are the outcomes if they get caught.

  7. Mauie says:

    I went to Palawan in November last year and Tubbataha is really restricted for tourists. We were able to dive in a nearby reef however and the marine life was so beautiful. This incident is really heartbreaking.

  8. Working MAMA says:

    since this already happen the best thing to do is to plan what would be best that in the future indecent like this won’t happen again

  9. it’s really sad what happened with our tubbataha reefs, although the lost will never be regained but i hope in time things will be better.

  10. mommy peachy says:

    You are right! We have the best beaches here and our family is already booked and ready for Summer.

  11. Whatever happens, we don’t know the real reason, but I hope the Philippines can continue to protect and preserve natural treasures and beautiful places like this. Never been to Palawan before, but my husband is interested in exploring the area someday when we make it back to Pinas for a vacation.

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