Go Green Literally

When you buy eco friendly shopping bags to use for your boutique, shop, personal use, you can literally go green and get green recyclable bags. The bags come in all kinds of natural colors that also make a statement about going green and helping to save our planet. Besides that, you can buy designer bags that your customers or you will keep for many other uses. These bags are sturdy, colorful and make a fashion statement. That statement is that you, too, can be fashionable even when going natural.

Have you ever thought you couldn’t send a card without making a monetary donation to the card receiver? You can send seed cards and know that you are giving the receiver a gift that will help him or her to, also, grow. You can choose the type of card you want as to occasion, the colors and the affectionate phrases and, you can choose the seeds. Your friend or lover will be amazed that his card can be planted and reward him with growing plants to remind him of your thoughtful remembrance of his birthday, graduation, religious success, wedding or funeral of a family member who has passed.

Buying environmental products shows that you care about those who care enough for our mutual space to support those efforts to keep our living areas clean and breathable. Your support shows when you send cards that have your choice of seeds embedded in the card that can be planted in the yard.

You show you care when you use bags that are made from non-tree paper that can be easily recycled or kept to use for years. Going green literally loves to see green plants, green grass, green leaves and a green planet. That color green means more than just a bright comforting color but the carriers of photosynthesis cells that let us all live on planet Earth by making the air we all breathe. Buy green products and care enough about your survival and the planet’s by making more of those green plants that are naturally the producers of our clean air.

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