Rural Life Have Been Changing

Last Easter Sunday, instead of hunting eggs, me and a couple of college buddies went “house hopping”. A rare chance to visit old friends. It was one of those days we usually do way back in college. Only, that was 21 years ago. Yay!

21 years. And, a lot had been changed. Dusty roads before were now concreted. There were bridges connecting smaller communities. The small community gets bigger with fieldsĀ  reclaimed as residential areas.

And, what seems to be small huts then became mansions. I took fancy viewing this pretty house from my friend’s window.

Even with its simple design, I love at how the brightly colored yellow wall paint complemented the lovely white French door in the attic overlooking a veranda with access to the green panorama. And, to add more beauty and brightness to the house, the front garden were teeming with flowery plants. Starting at the iron-wrought fences and gate were yellow blooms and fuchsia colored bougainvilleas were as inviting as the house itself.

When we were in college and would visit this place, all we could see were vast fields and few small huts very far from the street road. Indeed, 21 years had effected tremendous change in the area.

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2 Responses to Rural Life Have Been Changing

  1. Mirage says:

    I so love white-paned windows, French or Victorian or what else, as long as its white…this house looks so cozy!

    • imriz says:

      yup, i fell in love instantly with the house. me and my friends had for a time laughed so hard as we reminisced those times we were eating indian mangoes dipped in rock salt with chopped chilies, and, the mango tree was replaced by a two-storey house and that one i took fancy was once a small native house.
      how we all laughed at the many changes and of the “many years” added to our ages :)

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