City View From A Window

A window view from the daughter’s boarding house in Baguio City. It’s the best shot I could get because the space is too narrow. It’s a small window leading to a winding stair going down the main lobby of the house.

The window view, which, by the way are too numerous in the city, since most houses were constructed beside a cliff . Yay! The top reason why I wouldn’t want to live there. What’s with the alarming earthquakes going on lately. It’s a great place to spend a long weekend,though.

But, the views and the climate were something that lured any travelers to keep coming back at the place. I never forget to bring my socks and  thicker pj’s when going up there. And, please bring that umbrella and flip flops with you, in case you might caught up with a morning rain which goes all through the day.

And, oh, this reminds me of the things I hate in that city.

  • There were areas/hotels that ran out of water supply. Make sure when you shall consider a hotel, check water and heater availability.
  • The vagaries of the weather will come ruining your schedule, hence, I did tell you to bring your umbrella.
  • And, you should not rely on the fact that you shall see the sun coming off full blast by early morning. Don’t let that fool you, because, by mid morning, a thick fog will come hovering the whole city, sending non-stop drizzle, you’ll end up your city tour lurking in one corner of SM Baguio :) So, whatever’s the weather, always bring necessary protection; yes, umbrella, jackets, scarf, maybe. It’ll gonna get colder by mid-afternoon onwards.
  • Much as I enjoy the scenery, I hate the long walks, although jeepneys and taxis abound, when you get to your destination, or even at SM Baguio just to get food supplies, I hated the endless climbing and going, climbing and going…

…such was Baguio City.

And, yet, I’d like to keep coming back…

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